Remember when Jay Z and Beyonce launched their streaming service, Tidal, and Beyonce's Lemonade album was only available if you signed up? 

Former President Trump is doing the same thing.

If you want instant access to the linguistic effluence of the most famous person on planet earth, you're going to need to sign up for an as-yet-unbuilt social media platform.

This new variant of social media, dominated by Trump's followers, won't be so much the 'town square' for all views as 'Trump Tower'. It's easy to see how this echo chamber may lead to progressively more extreme viewpoints and the resulting actions that stem from them.

As I read about this new social media evolution, it brought to mind something Richard Dawkins talks about in The Selfish Gene. To paraphrase: evolution through natural selection appears to be a benign force that leads inevitably to better outcomes for the organism. 

It's not. We only see it that way because it's turned out rather well for us. Whether biological or cultural, evolution evolves to spread the gene [or the meme] most effectively, not for the host's benefit. Sometimes this leads the host to greater strength, sometimes to weakness and extinction.

By this measure, social media, rage, and celebrity politicians have far greater reach than thoughtful news. Is this one evolution of communications that's too far for democracy?

While we're on the topic of evolution, it's worth noting that even with exclusive access to the demigoddess Beyonce, Tidal didn't survive - and was bought this week by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, ironically.