A Covid-19 vaccine on the horizon, ambitious plans for a bright new energy future. Visionary people looking to create new clean pathways to growth.

Optimism combined with technology, innovation, chutzpah and good sense is breaking out all around us, and it is bringing me just a great sense of cheer and goodwill. I'm inspired to go on and make a ruckus.

A smart man mentioned to me last week that "what you see is what you do, and what you do becomes what you get". 

There are many, many reasons to be optimistic about the future, and this announcement from Rolls-Royce is one of them.

There has been enormous innovation since old-fashioned nuclear energy kicked off, new nuclear is cheaper, faster, more efficient and won't increase carbon emissions.

I'm going to keep looking for other signs of the energy and optimism of this great nation as, the more I see, the more I want to take action and the more I do, the more I get. 

Let's make a ruckus.