We could all do with good news right now.  We need narratives that rise above the miasma of shit that is news  - where every breaking story is about COVID, or Trump, or Brexit, or all three.  At once.  In a lube-filled hot tub overflowing with hookers (probably true - Ed). 

More and more of us are seeking good news stories.  From journalist requests for "something, ANYTHING, that's not COVID" to John Krasinski's Some Good News YouTube Show, The Happy Newspaper, even The Telegraph has joined the gravy train with The Bright SIde newsletter.  

And it's not just because good news makes us feel better (though that certainly does help), but because good news also has the power to transform us, to motivate, to help us strive to do more and do better.  Success fuels success and good news breeds good news.  In these economically turbulent times, when phrases like "cliff-edge" and "unrest" and "teetering" are commonplace, we need to tell positive stories loud and clear. 

Good news is also integral to our future.  As the mother of two teenagers, I know how important it is that they see more than just a light at the end of the tunnel. They need to see new beginnings, a fairer more just world that prioritizes the environment, equality and opportunity.  A technologically adept world, filled with innovation and creation.

They need role models today who can speak to this fresh tomorrow. 

So let me introduce you to Marco, who appeared in my LinkedIn timeline today (and looking at his growing number of likes - 30,500 and rising - probably in yours too). Marco has a great news story to tell.  One which defies race and wealth, which beats the odds, one which is triumphant. 

He shares his "Overdue Life Update" to inspire young men and women like him, rising Latinx students who were told life was stacked against them, to achieve.  He shares his story to pay his good news forward, and in doing so he gives momentum to his success.   It's an incredibly empowering read, I encourage you to seek it out. 

In a world of torrid hot tub tales, let Marco's cool story remind us of the revitalizing powers of fresh, clean water and to stay focused on what lies ahead, sharing our own good news stories whenever we can.