Brand Management has always held a special place in my heart. It is truly a genuine passion of mine and something I like to discuss at length, much to the chagrin of my friends and family who do not share my interest. 

Nothing gets me quite like a well executed branding stunt or campaign and I have been tracking my most loved brands for years. One of those brands is KFC (and it's not just about the chicken). 

Now in our "new normal" (I know, I said it...again), it's been interesting to witness different brand responses throughout the pandemic and how different brands have had to change certain aspects of their brand. 

The most obvious was Corona beer which was massively hit with its name clash of our current pandemic and saw a loss of millions in its brand value. However, according to Brand Finance, it is still the world's most valuable beer brand. 

Alternatively, KFC as a brand during the pandemic, in my opinion, has navigated the situation expertly. Their 'We're back' ad was a stroke of genius. The video used images from customers attempting to recreate KFC during quarantine with varying degrees of success. All By Myself by Celine Dion plays in the background and the ad ends with “we’ve missed you too” but we will “take it from here”. 

I think their most interesting ploy is the latest ploy - changing the iconic slogan "It's finger licking good" to just "It's good." It's a bigger move than you might think changing a slogan and very brave of KFC (and one I think will pay off). It's relevant, it's considerate, it's appropriate, and... it's good. 

KFC's slogan will return, when the time is right, and until then i'm sure they have more tricks up their sleeve. Watch this space!