For the last few months, our social media feeds have been full of TikTok dances, Instagram live yoga and baking classes, #ClapforCarers and messages of hope from every corner of the globe. During lockdown, it was inevitable that our use of social media would shoot up; with nothing to do and nowhere to go, we turn to social media to see how friends, family, and apparently influencers, are coping with the pandemic and living their lockdown lives. Having spent more time in my pokey flat than ever before and embracing the excuse to stay in guilt-free, I for one had a following frenzy of home interior influencers and houseplant-related accounts (classic Millennial, I know). 

The rise in time spent on social media during the lockdown was likely harmless, but as we ease out of lockdown and society opens back up again, I do worry about the data in this report which suggests that users will continue to spend more time on social media once restrictions are lifted. With opportunities for travel reopening and socialising back on the cards, there is an increased opportunity for the classic FOMO feeling to return - I know it all too well. But maybe this is what we need to get the economy back up and running? 

As we see more people out and about, travelling to approved countries and revisiting our beloved shops (all while following government guidelines of course), this could trigger greater confidence in anyone who may have been nervous to experience 'the new normal'. We keep seeing how marketing budgets have been slashed since the outbreak, but now is the time for brands to reach out to those all important influencers and take advantage of our increased social media usage to tempt consumers back to their businesses or destinations.