Finding Mondays even harder than normal? I definitely am. We've got to the point in lockdown where our weekends have hit a restorative rhythm; lazy morning in bed, finishing the books that have sat on the bedside table for too long, starting that puzzle that's collecting dust, feeding your sourdough starter, doing an instagram live workout and using Zoom calls with friends as an excuse to open the bottle of wine slightly earlier than you usually would.

However, this does mean Mondays feel that little bit harder as the reality of the situation hits with full force. Whether you're worrying for your business, worrying where your next pay cheque is coming from or worrying for the health of your loved ones, Mondays are still Mondays and provide a new anxiety for the week ahead... 

Well, here's a little reminder to be kind to yourself. However you have been affected by coronavirus, we are all going through a grief cycle of sorts.

This article provides five tips for how to cope with Moody Mondays. One of them "control the things you can control", is a tool I often rely on for coping through tough times. So, I'm getting up in the morning to exercise before work, I'm making a list and (trying to) tackle each one at a time and I'm being kind to myself and taking a break when I need it. I'm also being honest with people about how I'm feeling because it's reassuring to hear that I'm not alone. And I'm sure you're not either!