The dark side of social media and the influence it can hold over people is something we are all acutely aware of. Although this is certainly something that needs to be addressed, there are plenty of ways that social media is being used to promote and encourage good and positivity in the world. 

There are influencers spreading positivity and encouraging their followers to become the best version of themselves. This can be anything from eating healthily to meditation or anti-bullying campaigns. For example, @post.for.change encourages social media influencers to utilise their platforms for positive change. Health influencer @iamlealou3 started a go-fund-me campaign contributing to Every Mother Counts - providing pregnant women in developing countries with support and medical help. These are just a couple of examples and there are thousands more.

Social media also allowed the devastating news of the Australian bushfires to be spread across the world and for money to be raised for the firefighters and volunteers. Photos and videos went viral, and brought attention to the issue which needed to be addressed. As a result, many people received the help they needed.     

Brands are always looking to expand their reach and often tap into using influencers to do this. However, when researching potential influencers and bloggers to work with, brands should certainly take influencers' charitable work or support for good causes into consideration. As a brand, supporting and working with an influencer like this is an excellent way to demonstrate to a new audience that you care about and support the same causes.