Super Bowl Sunday was a couple of weeks ago - one of the biggest sporting events in the US calendar and a smorgasbord of big budget advertising fun for the rest of us. I do not claim to know a whole lot about American football (the little knowledge I do have comes from the brilliant mid noughties TV show Friday Night Lights), but what I do know is that A LOT of ads play during the Super Bowl. There is also normally a jazzy half time show, but we'll save the J Lo praise for another day. 

So many ads run in the Super Bowl that last year that they accounted for 49 minutes and 31 seconds of broadcasting time, with a total of 91 commercials airing. Not only that, the cost for a 30 second ad this year was a whopping $5.6 million. This seems like an absolutely absurd amount of money for a 30 second clip of Post Malone drinking beer, but hey, who am I to judge?

I say all this because for a lot of us who live outside the US or don't follow the NFL, the Super Bowl is really all about the advertising, and I have a suspicion that this is also the case for many who do watch the game. In a time where consumers are often fatigued from a near constant stream of advertising on every digital platform, its kind of amazing that we all eagerly await what the corporate giants are going to conjure up next - I don't know if it is brilliant or concerning. No matter your stance on American football, some of the ads are genuinely very entertaining, and provide a lighthearted distraction from the seemingly ongoing chaos of the times we're living in.