"Is 4.30 on a Friday afternoon the very best time to be writing about creativity?"  I ask myself.

Probably not, but none the less, here we are!  I have a blog to write, I am hoping to clock off early for an evening out, and creativity loves nothing like a deadline (or at least for me - want a BIG IDEA? ... Give me time pressure). 

Jeremy Page's excellent "5 tips for being more creative in PR" in this week's PR Week got me thinking about my own creative 'crutches' ... when the big idea is a-knocking how do I unlock my thinking to let the creativity flow?

So, to steal Jeremy's own first top-tip: "There is no such thing as a new idea" - here are my own five top tips for unleashing your creative self. 

1. Take yourself somewhere else.  Not figuratively, but physically.  Change your scenery, whether it's a swift walk around the block, working from a cafe or visiting a museum, it is amazing how much inspiration can be found by moving away from your desk.

2. Take yourself somewhere else.  Not physically, but figuratively.  Stop focusing on the task in hand, and focus on letting your mind wander.  Read a book, watch funny YouTube clips, meditate - find yourself another plane (man). 

3. Collaborate. Yep, brainstorm. Share ideas with colleagues, brush up on techniques that help you tackle problems from different angles, use the power of the team to create. 

4. Be interested.  It is true, there are no new ideas, but there are brilliant new connections to be made all the time, connections that make ideas sing.  To do this you need to be a voracious consumer of stuff - from the news to Love Island, Off Menu to University Challenge, the Guardian to BuzzFeed, Stormzy to Chopin - ideas and connections are everywhere. 

5. Make mistakes.  Great ideas are built on the back of loads (and I mean tonnes) of shit ones.  It is OK to make a mistake, for things to be wrong but it is also important to know when to ditch, pivot and try again.  A culture that supports this ditch and pivot model has every chance of being a creatively strong one. 

Well, those are my five (plus a bonus five).  What are yours?