With the news that leading travel agency Hays Travel is reviewing its uniform policy to allow female staff to wear trousers, one does wonder if this should have happened 40 or more years ago, or whether it's still acceptable to have different uniform policies (or different policies in general) for different genders.

Directors at Hays Travel made the decision to review the uniform policy after the husband of a Hays Travel employee tweeted (subsequently deleted) about the issue, noting it was an "old and outdated" policy.

We will never know if the directors would have reviewed the uniform policy if it was not raised in a social media complaint. However, if female uniform policy has been overlooked in companies, how many other staff policies need updating in organisations worldwide?

This highlights an opportunity for all types of firms, not just travel, to review their potentially outdated staff policies. In the world we live in, these types of procedures and staff policies say as much about a brand as their marketing and advertising. Employers should bear in mind that how they communicate is just as important as how up to date their internal rules and policies are.