Well played Marmite - a perfect (and perfectly on brand) reflection of the past three years which, thanks to partisan media, politicking and pub brawling (Ed - that last one may not be true. Probably is), has seen the UK become a country divided. 

As far as I am concerned #NationalLoveitorHateitDay is as fitting a tribute to the 31 January 2020 as any. 

As a communicator and PR practitioner however, I would like to see the pain of the past three years  - the divisive language, the "us and them", the agonising stalemates - if not forgotten (definitely not forgotten), moved on from.  

We need to look forward, we need to move forward, and that requires a new focus in our comms programmes and outreach.  As the country transforms, so must PR. We need a new rule book for 2020 and beyond. 

What is going to be in my rule book? 

There are five key things I will be counselling my clients to focus on in 2020 and beyond.  Five antidotes to the #LoveitorHateit country we have become. 

  1. Bring levity, clarity, smartness and compassion into all we write, say and do. 
  2. Be internationalist in campaigns, we are part of a global village - communicate across it. 
  3. Collaborate and grow.  Work with partners, people and places that unite, empower and fuel success. 
  4. Focus on the next generation.  It is just a few years until Gen Z (already changing the world with their actions) are in the driving seat. Engage now. 
  5. Be brave.  Fortune favours the brave and transformative times require mould-breaking actions.

#NationaLoveitorHateitDay - time to rewrite the rule book.