When great brands get together behind a mutual aim great things can be achieved. The publication of the Non Issue  showing that age is not an issue is a great example of collaboration between L'Oreal and Vogue.

L'Oreal - whose Age Perfect range is aimed at mature women - wanted to challenge the constant focus on youth and to show that mature women are beautiful too. They chose British Vogue as a partner because it represents women broadly and is committed to diversity. The result was a special edition dedicated to women over 50, including interviews with renowned L'Oreal ambassadors such as Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren.

But in a truly collaborative style the partnership went beyond print and a strong digital campaign was also created using Facebook and Instagram to offer interactive and mobile experiences.

Sadly I missed this edition, but the results highlighted below are impressive. I guess the proof of the pudding will be to see how much Vogue continues to showcase older women and to indeed challenge the fashion and beauty industry to follow in their footsteps.