Maybe I don't watch enough TV, but I am sorry to say that I had not seen any of the adverts referenced in Campaign below, which is a shame as it seems that there has been a valiant effort from big brands to link strong messages with the Women's World Cup.

However, this critique of the adverts just highlighted to me how we all respond to different emotional triggers. I too remember being told that as a 'girl' I could not play football; my brothers let me but then I was big sister. So I empathised with her but took different things from the ads.

Maybe it is because I am a history buff that I found the Budweiser use of Queen Elizabeth First's stirring speech at Tilbury Docks to the English Navy really inspiring; but the Lucozade re-imagining of 'Football's Coming Home' a bit insipid. Worth a watch is the Nike ad 'Dream Further' showing a young American footballer suddenly being catapulted into games alongside well-known women footballers.

One clear message from all these brands is how the Three Lionessess or the Matildas or Nadeshikos have a real opportunity to inspire future generations, in a way that I don't think we have ever seen portrayed in adverts around men's football. And let's hope that is the case and that the Lionesses do what the men's team have not been able to do since 1966!!