We spend our entire childhood cramming as much information as possible into our brains. We go to school, we do homework and we absorb new info on a daily basis. So reaching adulthood signifies the end of forced learning, we no longer have to learn and we are free to let our minds roam as they please. 

But, whilst forced learning is no longer imposed, it is still so important that we continue to expand our minds and take in new experiences and new information. 

So it didn't come as a surprise to me that daily learning is one of the key ingredients of success for some of the most influential and successful people on our planet.

At Flagship we recently started to address the need for continuous enrichment through the creation of our own Business Book Club. We choose different books written about leadership and business to read, digest and review so that we can share in our learning (check out our blog for the series so far!). 

As an agency working in the creative industry, this learning can prove invaluable to staying on top of trends and making our practices and processes as efficient and successful as possible. But learning is not just important for those in the creative industry, it works the same in all sectors. 

So next time you have half an hour to spare, perhaps consider taking some time to learn something new or absorb new information. You never know where it may lead.