This week, during bathtime, I tried to convince my toddler I was a superhero – that all mummies are superheroes for not only bringing our children into the world, but for what we’re able to accomplish each day.

But he wasn’t buying what I was selling:

  • I don’t have wings
  • I can’t fly
  • I’m too short (ok, that one hurt)

“Mummies aren’t superheroes. And that’s just not cool.”

But when I offered him a different perspective, he was all ears. “If I’m a superhero, do you know what that makes you? The son of a superhero.”

“Wow that’s super cool. I’m the son of a superhero.” And out of the bath he jumped, to help me put back on my imaginary wings.

When it comes to our place in the world it’s all relative isn’t it? What’s my role? What’s in it for me? Why should I care?

It’s not dissimilar to our role as employees in the workplace. If we better understand our role (why we get up each day to work where we do) relative to the Company’s higher purpose (reason for being), we’re invested, happier and more fulfilled.

My colleague Ann Barlow and I recently wrote a blog post on how to create a strong employer brand, shaped by our work helping clients create purpose-driven organisations. In the article we challenge companies to build their brand around purpose – and we provide some practical steps on how to get started.

Purpose shouldn’t be viewed as a fad, bur rather a fundamental component of a fulfilling life. A common purpose gives employees a vital sense of belonging and belief our work is important, and a lot of company loyalty. And perhaps even some superhero wings, allowing us to soar to our highest potential.