It's no secret that we are all busier than ever before. If we're not typing at a thousand words an hour (disclosure: that was a slight exaggeration, even if it sometimes feels like it), we're grabbing dinner with friends, squeezing in a class at the gym and having drinks with colleagues. We even look to fill those previously quiet moments on the tube with noise (see Claire's blog on this here). There is barely time in the day to stop and just breathe. 

But, is this overwhelm something we are inflicting upon ourselves?

During Mental Health Awareness Week this topic has even more resonance.  

Social media, whilst having many positives, has one significant negative: it makes us compare our lives with that of others. And as a result we feel the need to compete; the need to showcase just how much we are cramming into our days. And a lot of this is simply "busywork", things that we don't actually need to do, but things that we feel we should do for the 'gram.

This busyness affects all aspects of our lives - including work. We all need to sit back more often, and ask ourselves if the work we are doing is going to make a difference. And in agency life where we work on behalf of our clients this is especially true. 

Creativity thrives when we give our brains the space to think freely and focus on the task at hand. We shouldn't be doing things for the sake of it - there has to be a purpose and a purpose that is going to make a difference to our clients' businesses. If not, perhaps then we are overwhelming ourselves unnecessarily and therefore reducing our chances of success. 

We must reserve our time for the stuff that will truly make an impact, the stuff that is going to get recognition and the stuff that we are best at - and not fill our time with busywork.