In the PR world, most of what we do is all about relationships. Relationships with journalists, media partners, clients, and prospects. But in a world where every penny counts, how we go about building relationships gets ever more difficult. 

I'm sure you, reader, like me have spent many hours sipping warm wine at some venue or other, scanning the room for someone to talk to in order to make not being at home on the sofa worthwhile. And the pressure of a networking evening can make some people shrink into themselves. It can be safer to loiter near the drinks table and look for someone else alone instead of approaching the boisterous group in the corner in fear of not being accepted. 

So what is the alternative? Sitting behind your computer screen trying to build rapport over email? Of course not! There is always away to get some face time with people, we just need to approach the task ahead with a human mind. 

Meeting for a coffee is a very down to earth way of making connections and finding out more about people. It is relaxed and one-on-one, and it removes a lot of the pressure associated with "working the room". 

Yes, sometimes you may get rejected (let's face it, people are busy these days) and yes, sometimes the conversation may not amount to anything, but being out there and in the game is just as important. You never know where one conversation can lead. 

So, anyone fancy grabbing a coffee sometime?