How do campaigns actually work? We all read about hundreds of campaigns from drugs to nutrition. But which ones work and how do you get one going?

The secret to a good campaign is touching the 'emotion button' of the general public. Switch that on and governments, big business and celebrities start to pay attention. Why? Because it affects them personally: less votes, less customers, less fans. Getting the big guns behind a campaign is the difference between success and failure.

"Through effective campaigns, people begin to recognise that this is not some distant, abstract issue but one of direct, immediate relevance to their own lives." Eric Solheim United Nations Environment Programme

We are currently running a hugely important campaign for the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), the world's largest international recycling trade body. On March 18th 2018 Global Recycling Day takes place. During the past 10 months the incredible Flagship team has been  working with BIR,  galvanising celebrities, large organisations, governments and NGO's.  Social media channels  were set up and are now alive with comment and content from all over the world. Every day new stories are pushed out, letters written, G20 leaders lobbied and media contacted to spread the word. The 700 Members of BIR, representing 70 countries have also actively engaged to promote this important and unique day to show what their organisation stands for.

Like a massive ship the campaign is now gaining traction. As Global Recycling Day approaches the pace of activity and engagement is increasing exponentially so that it reaches its crescendo on 18th March. 

A  great campaign needs a very simple call to action and even simpler messages about what will happen. It also needs a dedicated team to manage, run and promote the campaign.

Recycling is now the focus of kitchen table conversations, it dominates press headlines and people are beginning to take it personally.

Today I was in a popular supermarket and heard a lady  asking why her drink still had a plastic straw in it?

That's when you know a campaign is working.