Almost all FS organisations are armed with Artificially Intelligent capabilities (or so marketing collateral would have us believe). Without getting pedantic over the differences between a tree algorithm and machine learning, we can safely assume AI is a reality for most of these companies. Heralded as the saviour/future/cure to all our ailments, AI has a lot of high expectations riding on it. But what about the other side of the coin? The Hyde to the AI Jekyll? What happens when AI falls into the wrong hands?

Cybersecurity experts are already in an arms race with their adversaries, as the darkest of the dark web embrace AI. Organisations are now engaging in an "AI-off" with hackers - in a battle to establish who is the most artificially intelligent. 

For every life AI saves, or process it speeds up, every fraud it identifies or user experience it betters - there is the risk that the opposite could be true. To revert back to the hackneyed phrase - evolve or die. FS organisations need to continue to focus on recruiting the brightest AI talent, working with the most advanced suppliers, investing in the best technology and ensure their AI capabilities are stronger than those working against them.