Social media is kinda scary for most executives but not for Elon Musk who seems to relish using the communications channels to highlight his latest ventures - yes, putting a car into space.

But for the average executive, being provocative let alone exposing your personality via Twitter is more daunting. And yet that is what you need to do if you are to build the type of following that Musk enjoys.

Naturally there is a half way house - and most executives should probably start with a mix of authoritative commentary on their chosen field, interspersed with some personal musings or opinions. Being authentic and responding to others' social media comments also reveals something about you, which is also important if you wish to build a fan base. 

So take the plunge - listen to start with and then respond, react to others' posts; but then start to post your own thoughts or musings on relevant issues; share images - everyone engages more if you add a visual; and lastly remember to be human, not overtly corporate. And one day you too may start to build zombies into your social media campaigns!