"Everybody hates his tweets, but at least people know what he’s really thinking"

Why can't politicians, business leaders and officials say 'yes' and 'no'? Why do they have to use so many words to say something simple. 

In my experience they usually worried of being 'caught out' by the media and by saying a lot of nothing, they will be safe. Sort of defeats the point of saying anything at all!

Watching Trump is a revelation. He uses very small words and repeats them over and over again. He uses the same method as the famed Dr Seuss who only used 50 words in the children's best seller 'Green Eggs and Ham'.

I don't agree with what he says, but I admire the way he says it. His 10 most used words are: 

  1. Terrific
  2. Tremendous
  3. Loser
  4. Tough
  5. Smart
  6. Weak
  7. Dangerous
  8. Stupid
  9. Zero
  10. Huge

Take the very British Jacob Rees-Mogg who used the word floccinaucinihilipilification in a debate in parliament, which means 'zero' in Trump language. Did that word make it easier to understand his point? Absolutely not.

The reason Trump connects with people is that they understand what he thinks through what he is saying. They may not agree but that is another matter.

In my book using the word 'zero' to describe something as worthless to the general public over floccinaucinihilipilification wins every time!