Why do your people come to work each day? I know their number one priority is to make a living but once they are at work are they sleep walking or clock watching? Or at the very most, being sort of productive.

All the research shows that the most engaged workers are those that are challenged and stimulated in a supportive and social environment. It also shows that they need purpose at work and to understand the difference that they are making by what they do.

So how do we ensure that the corporate purpose ( what used to be defined as the mission) marries with employee purpose? Well - ask the question. What brings you to work each day? What fires you up and gets you out of bed ready for the working day?

We asked our team that question and this is what we were told: to inspire and be inspired by our brilliant team; to be inquisitive; and to be the best we can. But purpose on its own is not enough. It needs an edge. We then asked what difference we made to our clients, what was the impact of our work? And we agreed that it was: to help our clients live their brand; to put our clients on the map; and to improve our clients' business. This is what we are really aiming to achieve and drives the agency.

We found the rocket illustration defined by Brand Foundations a useful visual tool in defining purpose - http://www.brandfoundations.us/blog-overview/2017/5/23/mission-vision-values-are-dead-forgotten-heres-a-framework-you-might-actually-remember