It is an undisputed fact. We are more connected than ever before, with a wealth of information at our fingertips at all times. 

As consumers we have got used to this connectivity. So much so, that when brands are not always 'on' and consumers can't find the answers they are looking for, they will simply go elsewhere. 

The power of 'now' has never been more important. 

So why is it that in a world where retailers are forging ahead finding every more elegant, smart and sophisticated ways of engaging with consumers, travel still seems to be lagging behind? 

Don't get me wrong, progress has been made by some. OTAs are introducing chat bots to answer site visitor's questions, Expedia and Thomas Cook are offering virtual tours of destinations before booking, and some tourism boards are offering tours tailored to travellers' interests. But great examples of successful adoption of technology are still too few and far in between.

So what is holding travel back? Is it because this revolutionary thinking is being left to the disruptors and the market challengers? Has it become far to easy to sit back and watch whilst others enter this established marketplace and try new things rather than accepting that it is everyone's responsibility to take risks and break new ground? 

Whatever the reason, I'm sure that this way of thinking cannot be sustained for much longer. With the new year on the horizon, perhaps now is the time to take more risks and push the boundaries. Because of course, that is what travel is all about anyway.