In 2018 I predict that:

The News Conduct Authority (NCA) will be set up to accredit and monitor new story origins. Block chain technology will be adopted to track and monitor the origin of information and news agencies, media and communications people will be tasked to prepare themselves for accreditation.

Social Media Streams will be ranked with accuracy scores and accredited stories will have a recognised kite mark so that 'faking it' will become more difficult.

News Channels will be rated for the quality and agility of the content they publish through a 'review' system. Content consumption will be visible on professional profiles like 'linked in'. 

Customer Service Performance will become fundamental to brand awareness and performance. Poor responses to consumer feedback will diminish already fragile customer loyalty.

Crisis and Reputation management will grow exponentially as what were once minor issues are amplified and create devastating brand storms with increasing frequency.  

Reaching in (not out) will become critical to stop employee teams fragmenting as working from home becomes the norm and not the exception. Team leaders will have to explore new ways of employee communications to motivate and retain staff with whom they have less physical contact.

Employer Brand Management will become vital again as talent gravitates towards the 'sexy' end of the cyber scale with 'traditional' professions unable to attract top talent.

The communication industry will have a major role to play in this change. As the digital giants such as Google, Amazon and Apple continue to drive trends, PR professionals will need to up the ante to ensure the companies they represent or work for really do start to stick their head above the parapet and deliver a compelling offer. If not they will join the big company rainbow in the sky. This year alone has seen the demise among many others of  ToysRus, Palmer and Harvey, MultiYork, Feather and Black, Jaeger and Jones the Bootmaker.

Let's hope 2018 stems the flow.