Last week a client asked us what would disrupt PR; what would be the Uber or Airbnb of the PR world? What should we be planning for in five years' time so that we are ahead of the game and have the right skills in place? And to be honest at the time I could not think what it would be. Yes, our channels to market have changed over the years - and increased in number thanks to the digital age, but the PR world seems to have evolved and adapted to the change rather than be disrupted.

But one thing remains a constant! And that is the art of story telling. Without a hook, a nugget of information, an interesting position or nuance, it becomes difficult to engage with our clients' audiences. Regardless of the channel or the medium - video, audio or written (short or long copy) it is still crucial that we have something interesting to say or show.

So is artificial intelligence (AI) the potential disruptor? Will AI be able to sift through data, interviews, trending topics and identify the conversations and then create the content and stories that will engage people? I suspect it will play a part in actually helping us by speeding up the process of searching and analysing information but as yet I am not sure if it will play a greater role in our business. But I am open to being challenged!