Study after study has shown how women hold the lion's share of the consumer economy. You would expect that these studies would drive brands to push to fully understand women from a marketing standpoint - if not as a priority - at least as an equal marketing focus.

Sadly, this is not the case. Kayambe illustrates this with the fist-clenching statistic that there are still fewer female CEOs than there are CEOs named John in the S.&P. 1500 companies.

So many organisations get it wrong, from that pink "female-friendly" pen to the ladies car that had a windscreen for preventing wrinkles. Whilst we've still come a long way from the Mad Men era of ads which horrify women of the 21st Century - we've clearly not come far enough.

That's why I love the message this blog leaves us with. That if companies continue to refuse to understand, listen to and hire senior-level women, they're only providing a business opportunity for women. Every frustration she has faced, or challenge that has gone unrecognised by one of the Johns, actually has the potential to flourish into a business plan. Take note and act.