VR is getting wheeled out everywhere you look and everyone seems to be suggesting a way to use it. But as this article from Marketing Week points out, and as many of us already know, it has failed to really catch on. It's still a gimmick you read about somewhere, or maybe you know someone who knows someone who wasted all that money on an Oculus Rift. Either way it's failed to penetrate the masses. Is VR doomed or is there still hope that it has a bright future?

The truth is that VR's potential is being tested in a huge range of varied industries and while the consumer use still needs some developing, it is already showing amazing potential in other areas. Just some of the ways it's being trialled and tested include: training medical students in surgery, being used by NASA to control robots on Mars, creating crime scene reconstructions to aid jury members in courtrooms, and it's even being used by the US military to train soldiers before they are deployed.

So VR does have some amazing potential.

As Google has rightly admitted VR is still too isolating an experience which is inhibiting its consumer power. But there's no doubt that from industry perspectives VR is a game changer. And I'm sure it won't be long before the consumer side catches up.