There's just seven months to go before new laws governing how organisations use and collect data come into force. Everyone is talking about it, and if you're not, then you should be. I was eating at Japanese Canteen the other day, and even overheard two people having a deep conversation about how it's going to affect their company and not enough people are doing anything about it.

Most organisations are worried about the impending regulation. It's a huge undertaking to get a business in order so they don't fall foul of the law, and incur a hefty fine. Interestingly, marketing departments in large organisations feel the most prepared. With more than three-quarters rating their awareness of GDPR as ‘good’. But, when asked about how ready the rest of their organisation is, this figure drops to just 58%.

But GDPR shouldn't be presented as a challenge, rather as an opportunity. ITV is one such company that views it this way. They have a steering group that is helping to drive change internally. It has allowed them to ask questions such as “Do we need to be collecting all the data we do? What are we going to do with it? Where is it going to sit?”. 

GDPR is pushing organisations to ensure they are acting as efficiently as possible with consumers' best interests in mind. We've been collecting huge amounts of data for years, but not many of us have stopped to question whether any of it is useful, or what can we actually do with it to drive business improvements and provide better customer experiences. GDPR will force us to stop and ask these questions. 

Interestingly ITV is ensuring consumers get something in return for their data. Every piece of data it collects must have a demonstrable value back to its customers.

So we should all be a bit more like ITV, seeing it as an opportunity to provide a better service to our clients and customers.