There are some people who just get under one’s skin and the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg - the first woman to hold the role - seems to aggravate many. But interestingly she seems to rile all political parties. She is not afraid to be critical if she thinks there is a case to answer, regardless of her own safety.

It is her job to ask difficult questions and to be sceptical about everything our politicians say. But the level of abuse she receives does not reflect well upon our society. The BBC even arranged for Laura to have a bodyguard during party conference season because of the level of online abuse.

Surely we want a society that questions, challenges and holds our politicians to account? Did Nick Robinson receive the same level of abuse I wonder? Or is this another example of bias? Social media has many merits but trolling is unacceptable and those that run Twitter and Facebook surely are innovative enough to find a way to encourage dialogue and debate but to clamp down on unacceptable abuse.