Sleep is one of my favourite things and the one thing that I must have enough of. I simply cannot function on too little.  I have always put this down to simply loving being cocooned in my duvet, but it appears not!  Apparently my love of eight hours shut-eye a night means that I can function better - at home and at work.  

In an industry where creativity, quick reactions and awareness are key, I am amazed we are not given more information on the power of sleep and rest in our PR training.  We get no sleep modules in our graduate training (more is the pity), no Comms Course extols the virtue of a good night's rest for the creative mindset - sleep, it seems, is simply not linked to being a successful communicator.  

And this is where we tend to fall down. The PR industry thrives on busy-ness and using all hours in the day to get s*** done. From breakfast meetings, to lunchtime briefings, and evening events we fill our days with as much as humanely possible. Yet this impacts our ability to rest and recuperate, ultimately impacting our capability to actually do our jobs well. 

So maybe its time we tried to slow down a bit. Because if we do, we might find that we foster an environment where creativity thrives and we get better at our jobs. And that is no way a bad thing.