As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around. No, I'm not talking about 70's style flares or the new Nokia 3310, but instead the resurgence of the package holiday. 

ABTA's Holiday Habits 2017 report reveals that over half of respondents (51%) booked a package holiday abroad in the last 12 months, with almost a quarter (23%) booking package holidays in the UK. 

Much of this shift away from do it yourself holidays comes down to safety and security. With the entire holiday covered by ABTA protection, holidaymakers are more confident of being covered if something goes wrong. And things do go wrong. Recent travel brand collapses and the growing threat of terrorism means that as consumers we are looking to be safe and secure at all times. If by booking a package holiday through a travel professional in a single company does this, why wouldn't consumers put their hard earned cash in their hands. 

So the completion of Thomson's rebrand to TUI comes at a good time. Consumers are alert and listening. The new campaign speaks their language and appeals to the emotional side of booking a holiday. 

Its about time that we bring the joy back into holiday buying whilst the admin is taken care of elsewhere. Its time for package holidays to take to the stage.