A couple of week's ago I wrote a rather ranty piece about the perils of management gobbledegook, and the inherent danger of obfuscating our real meaning in Orwellian-style double speak. 

How apt then that W1 - that glorious parody of the BBC, media, and all that is brilliant in saying utterly nothing -  is back on our screens.  It is a masterclass in how to avoid accountability which is, I fear, at the heart of so much management bullshit.

So it was with great delight that I came across this list of some management speak doozies.  Some of my favourites are sadly missing - reaching out, on-boarding, circling back - where are you? 

But there are some great ones in here. And - I a cringing  as I type this -  I fear I even use some of them now and then (I love a 'cascade').

What are your worst phrases and do you, like me, find yourself slipping every now and then?  

Oh hey, I know, lets table a meeting to discuss it further? We could run it up the flag poll and drill down to the real issues at hand.