Anyone that knows me even a relatively small amount, knows that I will find any excuse to talk about dogs. So, when I stumbled across this article, it didn't take me long to find a reason to write about them too.

Back in February, bosses from Scotland-based craft beer company BrewDog decided to give their almost 1,000 employees around the world one week’s paid leave when they welcome a new puppy into their lives.  Their reason for this was that they understood how it can be incredibly difficult to manage work and settle a new puppy into your life. They are also aiming to be the best company to work for in the world; a beer company that gives you paid pawternity leave? I'm pretty convinced they're already the best company to work for in the world.

How is it so easy for one company to offer such a considerate and fun bonus and yet in other companies there is so much stigma around flexible working and men taking full paternity leave? We've been talking about the gender pay gap with clients, other business leaders and between ourselves in the office. One of the topics that keeps coming up are unconscious biases; whether from society that infiltrates the business through individuals or ones that have been inherently weaved into the business model. 

Of course, BrewDog is aware that their pawternity offering is all part of their brand and, as a young company, it's relatively easy to implement. There is no black and white for each company but cheers to BrewDog for doing what's right for them. And here's to hoping other companies take their lead and look to their current employees to make similar decisions towards flexible working.