I recently went on a trip to Ireland and learnt that the info Google collects on you is a) useful and b) terrifying. A couple of days before I left I was absentmindedly scrolling though the green rolling mountains of East Kerry on Google Maps to try and get my bearings. There I stumbled across the very guest house I was due to be staying, labelled with the dates I was staying there. On zooming out - this tag stayed in placed. It really freaked me out - it meant my gmail was scanned for trip details and added to my google maps app - but, at the same time, it was actually pretty useful for figuring out how far I would have to travel when planning day trips.

So when does the convenience of a connected world start to become worrying? This FTView looks into the very real possibility that facial recognition could mean stores and online shopping recognise the customer and then manipulate pricing and offers for the customer's purchasing habits.

These are the cookies you can never delete. And frankly that scares me quite a lot.