Okay, so maybe you were lucky enough to lock eyes with someone in a bar, as a throwback to Outkast's Ms Jackson played in the background of the dimly lit room. From there, he introduced himself and offered to buy you a drink and the rest is history. Can't really say I've had that same experience, especially living in a city as huge and hectic as London. Luckily, there's a little app called Bumble that allows women to swipe and make the first move - because, ladies, lets be honest, it's rare that the guys will. 

The fierce founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has taken making connections to another level by introducing Bumble Bizz, which has just launched in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and France. It was noted that through giving women the power to make the first move, they were essentially creating their own opportunities to meet people on their own terms. Not only were people using Bumble as a dating tool, but also as a networking tool, swiping right to someone based on their job title or description. I can admit that I've been guilty of this, as my girlfriends and I often swap dating app stories and agree that if his job description is a Personal Trainer at Pure Gym or Virgin Active, or he's an "Entrepreneur" it's an automatic left swipe, even if he looks identical to Channing Tatum and loves eating sushi and listening to Beyonce. 

Wolfe saw an opportunity to provide women with an easier way to network and approach people in a more relaxed, informal way. Bumble Bizz allows women to still have control over the first swipe, but this time in a networking capacity. If it's a match, people can begin to start conversations with other professionals without having to worry about the intimidating factors of "working the room." 

While I'm a fan of a small talk networking, it can be very difficult for people to work up the courage to approach a mentor with the hard hitting professional questions. Bumble Bizz allows people to break down these barriers and get closer to their professional goals. Not only will this app help to create opportunities, but it will also help to build confidence and grow your professional community. 

The app is unique in the sense that it verifies all users, allows you to upload your CV and gives you an opportunity to highlight your greatest accomplishments and goals so future matches can get a feel for who you are and what you're working towards. The app doesn't require you to add your age because it "doesn't think that it is necessary to let your qualifications be determined by how old you are." 

I think this is a very significant development and feel that this networking platform is launching at a pivotal time. Unlike regular dating Bumble, I no longer feel nervous to make the first move or rehearse a witty conversation starter. Let's cut to the chase and become the bad ass business babes we're meant to be. Let the swiping begin!