From research to awareness to discovery and exchange, the path to purchase has traditionally gone through a number of stages. But now with our new digital and mobile world, many would say that the funnel has collapsed - indeed Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook said just that at a recent digital marketing conference. 

I would argue that not all that glitters is digital. All that has happened is that the speed with which the marketeer moves through the funnel is faster and that the options open to them are wider-  indeed the funnel is more like a sand timer in shape.

Yes, digital communications  has provided the marketeer with a bigger toolbox but it would be a mistake to ignore other 'traditional' channels to market. 

Last night I saw Ink, the play about the Murdoch and the re-launch of The Sun newspaper. In the programme, a Guardian journalist writes about how many had written off the right wing tabloids because of declining readership numbers and the increase in digital alternatives, only for The Sun, Express and Daily Mail - who had fought for Brexit - to crow on June 24th of their influence in the referendum decision. 

In a post-truth world, this might just have delayed their demise but for marketers targeting a range of audiences, the print media - and yes even the tabloids - have a place in the consumer funnel.