A group of creative interns at Cincinnati digital ad agency Possible put together a Tinder profile - not to get dates, but to widen their recruitment talent pool. 

So, what does this mean; is traditional recruiting over? Of course not. Stunts like this do well to highlight issues in how to attract the right talent and how to tempt candidates to relocate - but inspiring a complete overhaul of the recruiting process itself? Not so much. 

In the war for talent, it's becoming trickier and trickier to attract that dreaded group - the millennials. But is it really necessary to create a gimmicky fake profile on a dating app to appeal to younger candidates? What should be more important is ensuring that the roles themselves, company culture, benefits and progression options are presented to potential candidates so they can see what's in it for them. 

The return on investment for projects like these make it very unfeasible to run long term but makes it clear that the recruitment process should come second to the role and package itself - you should be using this to sell the role! In the long run, candidates won't stay in a role or apply if they swiped right in a marketing stunt; they'll stay because the role is satisfying and challenging in a supportive and nurturing environment.