The in-flight safety video was once only about one thing: safety, safety, safety. It was designed to instruct passengers on what to do in an emergency and how to react if something went wrong. And that was it. However, the days of sitting bored for the 10 minutes before takeoff, with only the view of the terminal through the little square window, are long behind us. 

Air New Zealand first broke with the old and introduced a new vision for in-flight safety videos back in 2014 and since then airlines have tried to out-do each other with witty, fun and engaging videos to distract passengers from the monotony of the taxi from terminal to runway, whilst, of course, communicating vital safety information. 

And British Airways is the next brand to give it a go. Whilst Air New Zealand has paved the way, the British Airways video has a distinct call to action, a reason for being - Comic Relief. Bringing together famous faces for this charitable cause to deliver the information that many (but those new to flying) have heard multiple times before, is a refreshing tactic. It is indeed witty, fun and engaging. It is distinctly British. It is, in my eyes, something that many of the other entertaining safety videos have yet to achieve.