Ever been in a meeting which has been totally pointless? Where no one listens but everyone interrupts? Did anyone take time out to reflect?

Have you ever been in your office desperately trying to map out a plan only for your thoughts to be constantly interrupted by the incessant clatter of printers, keyboards and chatter of people?

Open plan was hailed as the new collaboration tool. People sitting together, all equal, all sharing ideas and information. Except it does not work like that.

Business men and women are paid to think, be creative and innovative. But in a world of incessant meetings and constant emails that demand attention it is hard to take time out and just let your brain do its thing and just think.

It has long been known  that different people have different styles of working, Sitting quietly and thinking is a unique and important part of working life. Sadly nowadays 'being busy' is a marker of status and staring into the distance is not likely to be seen as a mark of cognitive excellence.

The gift of thought is remarkable and it is when we do our most important work. We should value it , nurture it and do everything we can to foster it.