Have you heard the terms "knowlivater, performibutors, proactilopers, or winnowmats"? They are not a species of dinosaur but an attempt at 'innovative' language that a frumpy leading law firm used to attract young recruits.

What is it with business people these days? They are always "drilling down" or "reaching out", providing a "road map"  with "swim lanes". No wonder there is a communication problem at the top.

If you really want to connect with your shareholders, your customers and your employees you have to tell it how it is. They are not stupid and can see straight through ridiculous gobbledygook to the truth bubbling underneath.

Use simple, powerful emotive language. Short and to the point. Use language that everyone can understand and not just fellow corporates. Successful leaders know how to motivate and inform with just a few words. So please lets 'fight them on the beaches" and go "once more into the breach" to kill corporate speak forever.