Last week my sister told me that the German  consumer had decided to boycott eggs from a leading discount chain. Why? Because an investigative reporter had revealed all their so-called free range eggs were from battery chickens. How did they find out? Because German standards demand that each egg is not only date stamped but that codes include the origin of each farm. As a result each egg could be traced back to where it was laid. Hence the reporter dicovered eggs marketed as 'free range' were found to have come from battery farms.

So where does Blockchain come in? Basically it is a digital ledger that is used to record transactions across loads of computers that cannot be changed retrospectively without upsetting the whole applecart. This means that verification and audit are even more simple. Also each block is uses time stamping  schemes which cannot be changed so authenticity will be trackable to point of origin which means that any marketing claim must be sound.

So as far as the chickens are concerned not only will the origin of the eggs be transparent but also the egg from which they came!