There is no denying the multi-media nature of our communications world today; we regularly use a variety of paid, earned and owned channels  to spread our stories and messages to the outside world. But maybe we should equally consider a broader approach to internal communications and explore how to maximise similar channels to reach employees.

There are a plethora of options for spreading the word among your workers - telephone, email, mobile and social media. And as the comment below illustrates, they are particularly valuable in reaching a millennial audience used to digesting information through these channels.

However I would argue that for internal communications you cannot beat the effectiveness of face-to-face communications. More difficult I admit in larger organisations but worth the effort for a number of reasons - you will be able to watch the response to your communication, what does the body language tell you? In a face-to-face situation you will have their attention, you can guarantee they are listening even if they do not always 'hear' you first time round (I have always found that you need to repeat things for it to really be embedded in people's memory); and I think you can build more trust and be more credible by being prepared to meet and talk to employees.

But it is also important to understand that people receiving a face-to-face communication may need more time to reflect on the message; if they receive it via email / social etc. then they have the opportunity to review and reflect on its meaning. So be sure if you go down the face-to-face route to also allow time for subsequent questioning. I am not saying don't use social media or other platforms for internal communications but I think you will build better employee relationships if you invest in meeting and talking to them.