It was recently reported that staff at the Bank of England have studied the writing style of Dr. Seuss in an effort to make their communication more easily understood by the general public. They found that economists struggle to engage with the public due to their dry, logical manner and Dr. Seuss was a master in simple, enjoyable language.

At a recent CIPR Influence Live event hosted by the School of Life, we were reminded of the importance of creating 'wonder' when we are storytelling and in particular thinking of how we can ignite this sense of 'wonder' in the reader. Whether this reader be a child, a journalist or a client, we must consider any personal bias, the audience and the context in which they may read it. Or, as the Bank of England has realised, sometimes it is just as simple as reconsidering the language we use!

After all “the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.” - Dr. Seuss