Saga, Aga and Gaga. That really does explain the phases of retirement . And yet the average consumer has a deep mistrust of anything financial. They would almost rather not know then have to face unpleasant news. Pretty common behaviour really. I know loads of people who don't open their bank statements, don't go to the doctor, or open their bills. 

But supposing the financial services industry pushed out good news stories? That not everyone is destined to a life of penury after they give up work. After all the retail industry uses this as its mantra: buy this cream and you will look amazing; drink this wheat grass and you will feel fantastic.

Feeling vulnerable when you see a financial advisor is not unusual. It's a bit like going to the dentist for a check up. Everything is fine but then you discover you need to have three teeth drilled. However better to get them fixed now rather than waiting and then needing to have them removed!

Every piece of evidence points to people reponding well to positive prompts. So please Financial Services industry, be more positive.