I don't want to be 'rebuked' or 'lashed out at' nor do I want to be 'lectured' or 'patronised.  In this world of endless elections why don't politicians realise that the media are only the conduits to the public?

Most people have a closer relationship with the presenter who they see or hear regularly than they do with the guests they interview. People don't like it when their favourite presenter is shouted at and tend to think negatively of the person doing the shouting. Politicians snarling and snapping at a presenter need to remember they may be speaking to Brenda from Bristol. Snide remarks, shouting, lecturing and haranguing are all pretty offensive and generally put people off.

Interestingly when politicians, celebrities or businessmen speak directly to the public they tend to be far more polite and considerate. So why oh why don't they realise that when they are on the telly or radio they are still speaking to the public only they are doing it through the media?

The essence of giving a good interview is to think of who your audience actually is and then speak to them. The conduit is not important. The tone, the delivery and the language is. 

People engage more strongly when they feel they are being listened to and their views are being taken into account.