In this industry, we all LOVE a great piece of research. I am definitely guilty of badgering clients to send over more research and more figures.

However, there are times when research can go wrong. When a figures seems too self-serving, the media react; Google's piece on the 'coolness' of Google seems a little like it is giving itself a high-five in public.

Keeping research independent of bias is crucial to ensure that it is regarded with any legitimacy. While it is always great to see that your company is doing well - pouring resources into proving that is, arguably, try-hard.

That said - Google IS cool (in my very uncool opinion). I love it. I'm sure teenagers, millennials (hello there) and every other generation all are amazed to at least some degree about how incredibly useful a tool it is. And who else has more information on Google than the company itself? When a company becomes a giant, does it become more acceptable to toot your own horn?