Provocative or what? But leading executive coach Stephen Barden has a point. What is the damn job? Leadership is a hot topic. Where they sit, what they wear, what they say and how much they earn is a matter of huge public interest.

The average time in post of a CEO job has gone up recently according to Forbes to 9.7 years. Premier League football managers fare less well holding on to power for just over a year apart from Arsene Wenger who has done 19. 

Harvard has identified three stages in the leadership lifecycle: the honeymoon period when all is hunky dory. Consolidation when complacency and rigidity set in and  finally decline, when the leader has reached their 'sell by date' and is no longer effective. Reputation is of great importance to all leaders and with the advent of social media the danger of cocking up is all too easy.

The fascination with leadership continues as will endless  theories on how to distill those unique qualities. Just 'doing the damn job ' seems like a good mantra to me!