Davos is always a good source of stories - from celebrity presence (George and Amal Clooney were seen everywhere this year) through to politicians posturing (Theresa May or might comes to mind!) and the CEOs seeking to raise their profile and be part of the conversation.

This article shows the importance though of not just being there and responding to what is going on, but in leading the conversations. And it seems as though Accenture, EY and KPMG used all the channels and technologies available to create opportunities for their points of view to be 'broadcast'. Their executives were leading, not just responding to the dialogue. Good PR strategies.

A common viewpoint is that Google and Facebook etc are not just technology companies but are publishers. And so it would seem that the consulting firms are also competing in that space. We have become used in the consumer space to retailers becoming publishers and vice versa, so it is interesting to see the professional services sector following suit.

And sorry about the image - but I bet it got your attention!