Yes, I know another Christmas ad but I do think this is one with a difference - it is not trying to make us smile, although it might achieve that, but to help us understand dementia. It is using the Father Christmas story to tell us about the charity's true role - raising funds for research.

Instead of making presents the elves are exploring the science, how can they repair the mind and restore Father Christmas who is suffering from the disease - he became forgetful, muddled presents up, was sad and eventually stopped coming.

Dementia is a hot topic, there are statistics in the news every day which tell us about the scale of the disease. We read about care home horror stories or on the other hand about new treatments such as the uplifting use of music therapy - our client MHA ( is pioneering that technique to bring relief to dementia sufferers. 

And so Alzheimer's Research UK needs to cut through all the noise to tackle its real issue - the need for funds to find out more about the disease and provide treatment. Note that Father Christmas is not cured, there is no truly happy ending. But the story-telling is well executed and the cartoons help it to stand apart from the big retailer Christmas ads.