I strongly support campaigns that encourage the under-35 age group to get involved in political matters - in this case - the EU Referendum. I too understand that celebrity endorsement is a powerful way of engaging with this target audience, but I can't help but feel lacing this ad with swearwords, while a strong message, may be a little overboard.

Adding in the f-word of course emphasises the importance of the matter and the need for everyone to vote on 23rd June, but something about it's use in this campaign makes me cringe. 

Do the younger generation need to hear a celebrity swear in order to appreciate the importance of the situation? Are they that unaware of the importance of politics? 

Personally, I feel this isn't the strongest nor most creative way we can engage with this age group. If anything, it is almost rather patronising. In order to hit this audience with a powerful and emotive message, we need to relay hard and true facts about the situation and how this will impact their needs and future. Only then will the 50% of under-35s currently not planning to vote  realise the true impacts of the referendum.